Individual Pain calls for individual care

Less pain, more function.
Less pain, more function.

We target the source, not the symptom.

We could easily make patients “feel better” by simply medicating symptoms.  However, that response is temporary, short-sighted and — in most cases — does little to alleviate the real problem.

It’s much more challenging to do a painstaking analysis, then isolate and treat the reason you are hurting.  But we treat that as a moral imperative.  It’s the difference between what we do… and a “pill mill”.

Specific therapies yield specific results.

Our goal is “less pain, more function”. To get there, we look for well-matched medications and therapies – and ideally, fewer of them.

The alternative?  A loosely-aimed shotgun approach, hoping “something” might work. Frankly, that’s sloppy medicine.  Tightly-focused treatment produces more-predictable results.  At much less risk.

It’s the underlying principle of the Hippocratic Oath… “first, do no harm”.

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