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About our Staff at Advanced Pain Medical Center

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Better Options

Sometimes, it may take a long time to get your pain treated. But at Advanced Pain Medical Center, we use tailor-made plans to ensure that we are treating the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. Our team takes a multi-modal, elegant approach to pain care, and we provide comprehensive care, with on-site treatments. Our innovative therapies are convenient, and we have sedation on request.

Individual Plans

We don’t aim to make you feel “medicated” by pushing pills. Instead, we strive to improve your health by addressing the real problem. Our team analyzes your symptoms, history, imaging, and exam to isolate the underlying cause. Once we’ve identified it, we then create a customized, individual, multimodal plan just for you. Such an approach allows better results with fewer side effects and risks.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Brent

Brent Stewart, M.D., M.B.A.

As the founder of Advanced Pain Medical Center, Dr. Brent Stewart is committed to ensuring that patients get the highest-quality, safest, most appropriate treatment.In 2002, Dr. Stewart earned his medical doctorate from the University of Arkansas.  He went on to complete his anesthesiology residency at the University of South Florida in Tampa four years later.  In 2009, while a practicing anesthesiologist, he earned his MBA from the University of Florida, Warrington College of Business.

Aside from his work as a physician, Dr. Stewart published a small book focusing on alleviating pre-operative stress, “Need Surgery? Now What? A Patient’s Guide to Anesthesia”.  Dr. Stewart also was awarded United States patent US 9,498,112 B1 for a laryngoscope design.

Dr. Stewart completed a fellowship in pain medicine at the University of South Florida.  Following the fellowship, Advanced Pain Medical Center was opened in 2014, offering patients the achievable goals of less pain and more function. With a multitude of treatments, Dr. Stewart and his team are focused on designing personalized therapies and customized alternatives for each patient.


Dr. Brent Stewart is involved in helping injured workers return to their work-related duties and everyday activities by treating the source of the pain, and restoring patients to their full function. More information about Dr. Stewart as a Workers Compensation doctor is available here: Workers Compensation Doctors - Dr. Brent Stewart, M.D.


Ashley Albright, P.A.-C

Ashley is a Missouri native who moved to Florida to enjoy the sunshine. Ashley attended the Interservice Physicians Assistant Program while serving in the Army National Guard. She graduated in 2019 and was credited her Physician Assistant degree from University of Nebraska, by completing the Interservice Physician Assistant Program. Ashley served as a combat medic in the Army National Guard and served two tours in Iraq and Egypt.



Kris Johnson, Office Manager

Kris Johnson currently works as our Office Manager here at Advanced Pain Medical Center. Kris was born in Long Island, New York and lived most of her life in Newberry, Florida. Kris is a graduate of Newberry High School and studied Business Administration at Santa Fe College. She has been a part of our team since 2017, starting as an Office Assistant and Referral Coordinator, and then working her way up to Office Manager. Her personal and professional mission statement reads, “Diligence and dedication are a daily attribute that must be present for the work environment to be successful.” Kris and her husband have three children, and they reside in Newberry, Florida. Away from the office, she enjoys traveling and attending her children's sporting events. Kris is focused on and is excited about the future for Advanced Pain Medical Center.


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