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Dr Brent Stewart, Pain Medicine Gainesville FL

Dr. Stewart received his medical doctorate from the University of Arkansas in 2002. He completed his anesthesiology residency at the University of South Florida in Tampa in 2006. While in group practice, he earned his MBA from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business in 2009.

In an effort to alleviate pre-operative stress, he wrote and published “Need Surgery? Now What? A Patient’s Guide to Anesthesia”.

On November 22, 2016, he was awarded United States patent US 9,498,112 B1 for a laryngoscope design.

Dr. Stewart then completed a fellowship in pain medicine at the University of South Florida and took the next step in a lifelong dream…

“People ask me why I founded Advanced Pain Medical Center. Every day, we see people who are overwhelmed. That touches me — but it also drives me to find more-personalized therapies. More customized alternatives. I fight fear with ‘focus’. If I can also offer less pain and more function, I give patients back the best of their lives.”

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