Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Among COVID Survivors

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Did you ever wonder what happened to the patients who survived from COVID-19? A study revealed that approximately 87% of them still experience difficulty breathing and fatigue even after they have recovered. As we all know, COVID-19 has been around since the beginning of 2020. Although around 1.2 million people died from the disease, more…

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How Chronic Pain Affects Your Immune System

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You probably learned from the news that those with a weak immune system may be more vulnerable to coronavirus. For people who suffer from chronic pain, the risks of contracting COVID-19 is always present because chronic pain can change your immune system and lower your defenses against the disease. You’re most likely complying with preventive…

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Find Out if You Need Vitamin B12 Shots and Why

The important role of Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is to ensure the healthy production of blood cells in your body that also help your DNA cells. This essential vitamin is also necessary for the nervous system to function well and it helps prevent certain types of anemia, according to the National Institutes of…

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The Top 5 Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

IV (intravenous) vitamin therapy is one of the quickest ways for your body to receive the nutrition it needs. This method is the process of administering vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients into the bloodstream. This means the nutrients bypass the digestive process, allowing you to obtain faster and more effective results.   In the…

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