Everything you need to know about nerve blocks

What is a nerve block?

Nerve block is an injection into a specific body area, which is experiencing pain caused by a group of nerves, called plexus or ganglion. In simple words, medicine injected numbs the nerves by decreasing an inflammation in the area and stops or eases the pain.  Nerve blocks can also be used to determine the source of pain, predict outcomes of certain treatment, or to avoid surgery. However, the most common reason for using nerve blocks is pain relief, therefore it is widely used by specialists as a pain management technique, including Gainesville pain management doctors.  Areas where the injection is performed mostly include the neck, buttocks, legs and arms.


How does the procedure work?

The injection will be made as close to the nerve that is believed to cause pain as possible. The medication that is injected shuts down the nerve receptors in the irritated nerve, and thus blocks the pain signal sent to the brain, which alarmed the person that he or she was in pain.

Doctors often use imaging equipment to help them inject in to the right place.  

Medication usually works shortly after the injection and pain relief is achieved. However, nerve blocks are not usually a long-term solution: they typically last for few weeks depending on the patient’s case. You may need to undergo several rounds of procedures in order to experience long term relief.

What to expect during the procedure?

This procedure usually takes only a few minutes to be performed. You may feel a minor pinch or discomfort when the needle is inserted – as you would expect to get from any other injection. Sometimes a needle needs to be inserted deeper to reach the irritated nerve, which may cause slightly higher discomfort. It is important, though, to stay still and calm, so the injection is performed properly.

What are the limitations of nerve block?

In many cases nerve blocks do not provide a long-term solution for the problem. The effects, however, may last longer for some individuals than for others. The number of injections you may need is also very individual. If you do not experience a significant relief after several injections, your doctor may suggest different treatments.

There is always a risk of nerve damage during the procedure. Doctors have to make calculations in order to perform the injection in a proper way. As nerves are really sensitive and take a long time to regenerate, damage to a nerve can cause serious side effects, such as numbness, and even paralysis. Fortunately, skilled and licensed doctors know how to conduct delicate procedures like this and nerve damages are usually unlikely.

When is a nerve block used for pain management, Gainesville?

Nerve blocks are most commonly used to prevent or control pain. If you have one of the below conditions, you should refer to a pain management doctor:

  • post-surgical pain, such as knee or hip replacement
  • cancer-related pain
  • arthritis
  • low back pain or sciatica
  • chronic regional pain syndrome
  • pain caused by herniated disks
  • phantom pain after an amputation
  • pain from spasms in the blood vessels
  • Raynaud’s syndrome

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