Here’s How Medical Marijuana Can Help in Glaucoma Management

There has been increasing interest over the use of marijuana to treat glaucoma as more states consider the legalization of cannabis. In fact, according to the book Marijuana as Medicine, glaucoma is often the most cited medical reason for medical marijuana use. 

Our medical marijuana doctor in Gainesville said that marijuana as an alternative glaucoma treatment has been used since the 1970s when experts learned that the substance could help reduce pressure around the optic nerves. Marijuana also minimizes the symptoms associated with glaucomas, such as eye pain, headaches, nausea, and vomiting, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Effects of Marijuana on Glaucoma

Glaucoma happens when there is a build-up of fluids to the front of the eye that puts pressure on the optic nerves. The higher the intraocular pressure (IOP), or the pressure inside the eye, the more the eye becomes damaged and eventually affects the patient’s vision. 

Unfortunately, glaucoma is not curable once it begins to develop. However, if caught early, then preventive medication may be administered to delay its progression. 

As discovered by experts from the ’70s, marijuana’s THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration apparently helps reduce this build-up around the eyes. In the past, the only way to control IOP was through prescription eye drops, laser trabeculoplasty, or surgery, which could get quite expensive and require a longer recovery time.

How To Use Marijuana for Glaucoma

There are many ways to take medical marijuana to manage glaucoma, according to experts in medical marijuana:

  • By vaping or vaporizing, which brings the fastest effects
  • By using tinctures or sublingual oils to mix with food and drinks
  • By smoking, the most common method
  • By drinking THC capsules for easy ingestion

Glaucoma in the United States

In the United States, glaucoma is the primary cause of irreversible blindness. Presently, over 3 million Americans are suffering from glaucoma and this number is expected to rise to more than 4 million within 10 years, according to the National Eye Institute.

This prompted experts to conduct much-needed research. According to the University of Utah, the National Eye Institute has funded studies to determine how effective marijuana’s THC is in managing IOP.

Experts learned that the THC concentration from marijuana can significantly help decrease IOP temporarily or within an average of three to four hours after intake. Glaucoma patients who would like the effects to last longer would have to smoke marijuana at least six to eight times a day.

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