How to Break Free From the Pain of Glaucoma With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is quickly becoming a standard treatment option for chronic conditions. It is preferred by many who do not tolerate or are not candidates for opioids or other medications for pain management. Alternatively, marijuana can sometimes target the root cause of pain, such as nerve damage and inflammation. 

Increasingly, marijuana is being used to treat Glaucoma. There is evidence that it lowers the intraocular pressure (IOP) in these patients. The condition qualifies patients for a state allowed medical marijuana treatment order, including medical marijuana treatment in Gainesville

An Alternative to Traditional Glaucoma Treatments

Because optic nerve damage is permanent in Glaucoma patients, it is imperative to keep eye pressure consistently low. Though medications are often very useful in reaching this goal, they come with side effects or allergic reactions. Much trial and error can occur before the right option is found. 

Marijuana does not maintain consistent eye pressure over a long duration. Still, it can be useful as an adjunct while trying medications or short-term relief once other effective therapies are added. Many patients also have found it relieves anxiety and depression associated with chronic health conditions. Some patients have found it to be beneficial, with the result that additional medications do not need to be prescribed to manage mental health. 


CBD Eye Drops for Glaucoma Treatment

CBD eye drops are usually well-tolerated and are the ideal choice of medical marijuana doctors in Gainesville when treating Glaucoma patients. CBD eye drops are more effective than other CBD treatment options for decreasing intraocular eye pressure. Eye drops usually provide relief for 8-12 hours, so they only need to be applied twice per day on average.

medical marijuana in Gainesville

Glaucoma and Pain Management in Gainesville, Florida 

If you have been diagnosed with Glaucoma the physicians at Advanced Pain Medical Center can help you develop an effective and manageable treatment plan. 

The providers can offer many techniques and solutions, including medical marijuana and CBD treatment. Advanced Pain Medical Center uses a multi-disciplinary strategy for treating many chronic health conditions and associated pain. The team is dedicated to improving your quality of life. 


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