Managing Your Arthritic Pain Through Medical Marijuana

These days, many people want to try alternative treatment options for arthritic pain due to the ongoing opioid crisis. Medical marijuana is just that! This type of treatment has provided several benefits for people who are trying to manage arthritic pain.

The symptoms of arthritis include inflammation, stiffness, swelling, tenderness and limited joint movements. All of these symptoms are associated with pain, which prevents a person from engaging in daily activities. There are nearly 40 million people in the United States affected by arthritis. Over half of that number is under 65 years of age, 60% are women and over a quarter million are children.


There are several tips for managing arthritic pain that include meditation, taking warm showers, acupuncture, and massage. Medical marijuana could be another viable treatment option for you. Therefore, pain management in Gainesville has listed the things you should know about medical marijuana.

Research about medical marijuana and arthritis

Most people don’t consider medical marijuana as a potential cure for arthritic pain. However, research shows that this treatment method provides several benefits for managing chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Though the usage of cannabis needs further research to confirm how it treats arthritis symptoms, initial studies show that patients who are suffering from arthritic pain should find relief through medical marijuana.

Scientists have conducted a study on rats using CBD oil and they’ve found that CBD oil can reduce inflammation by changing how pain receptors respond to stimuli. Further research shows that endocannabinoids interact with digestive functions to reduce stimuli. This type of substance can potentially interact with other systems in the human body to reduce inflammation.

Cannabis blocks the formation of inflammatory molecules produced in our immune system, which is why it can effectively work as an anti-inflammatory agent. The proven medical properties of cannabis include: anti-inflammation, promotion of homeostasis in the body and muscle-relaxant properties. These can immensely help arthritis patients.

This research shows that medical marijuana can be an effective treatment option for people with arthritis. Our Gainesville pain center offers medical marijuana for treating arthritic pain. Talk to our pain doctor to further discuss this treatment option.

Usage of medical marijuana

There are several ways in which medical marijuana can be used. For instance, CBD oil is applied topically on the affected joints, which provides relief to patients. Synthetic cannabinoids, CBD and THC can also be used, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. These cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, which effectively help reduce some of the arthritic pain symptoms.

Considering medical marijuana

Some people could greatly benefit from using medical marijuana, especially for arthritic pain management. And you may be the one who can benefit from this treatment option!

If you are considering medical marijuana and want to learn more about this treatment method, start by visiting our pain management clinic! Visit our qualified physician who offers this treatment, so you can discuss further questions, which you may have.  

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