Neck Pain in Seniors: Part 2

In the first part of this series, we have discussed the common causes of neck pain as well as how to avoid neck pain in seniors. In this blog post, we layout effective ways to manage neck pain in seniors, as recommended by our pain doctor in Gainesville.

Treating Neck Pain in Seniors

Despite the number and differences of causes, most neck problems are easily fixed with the help of a professional, or through conservative methods and proper self-care.

  1. Hot or Cold Compress

Using hot or cold compress for 20 minutes has been proven effective in getting rid of neck pain. At least 51% of patients in a study experienced pain alleviation using a hot compress, while 62% of patients felt better after a cold compress. Some 80% of the patients also said they will use the compress method if they experience neck pain again.

However, which method works better – hot or cold? Using a hot compress is more effective in treating chronic pain, such as arthritis, while a cold compress works best with acute injuries that show clear signs of inflammation, or strains. Whether you use a hot or cold compress, though, it’s important to take care not to keep it on for longer than 20 minutes to protect your skin from numbness or burns.

  1. Medication

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will provide pain relief. Some patients find over-the-counter topical liniment creams or lotions quite helpful, coupled with massage therapy, in managing muscle stiffness and soreness. In some cases, doctors could prescribe muscle relaxants.

Pain medicines must be taken at intervals of at least four hours. Refer to your doctor immediately if the neck pain cripples your movements as you might need something more powerful. If the pain is persistent, however, you might have to refer to a specialist, such as a physiotherapist.


  1. Wear a Neck Brace

Wearing a neck brace before going to bed can help relieve the pain caused by sleeping in an awkward position. It also eases the tension in the neck muscles, reduces the pressure in the cervical spine, and improves your posture. A neck brace is also often prescribed to stabilize your neck if you’ve suffered from a whiplash injury.

  1. Advanced Pain Treatments

Thanks to research and modern technology, many emerging, yet effective, pain treatments have become available. These include medical marijuana, PRP therapy, and stem-cell therapy.

All of these treatments are available at Advanced Pain Management Clinic. These are the best options for patients who have been suffering from chronic pain, but don’t want to go under the knife. An expert pain doctor in Gainesville will evaluate your signs and symptoms before recommending the treatment that suits your condition.

  1. Surgery

It’s uncommon to get surgery for neck pain, but it’s still possible if the patient suffers from serious pain brought about by complications of herniated discs and spinal cord compression. Doctors might also recommend surgery as a last resort if conservative methods fail, but the senior is still otherwise in great health.

Where to find the best pain management in Gainesville?

As a provider of pain management in Gainesville, Advanced Pain Medical Center offers many different advanced pain management treatments. If you have further questions, or would like to know more about pain management. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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