Pain Management Gainesville

What is pain management?

Pain management is a discipline of medicine that employs science to prevent, diagnose, and treat pain. It embraces a wide spectrum of ailments including neuropathic pain, sciatica, postoperative pain, and many others. Pain management is a rapidly advancing medical specialty that uses a multi-disciplinary strategy for treating all types of pain.

What is Advanced Pain Medical Center’s mission?

Our pain management doctor in Gainesville, Florida, provides individually tailored options and comprehensive care to deliver on their promise of “less pain, more function,” thanks to APMC’s philosophy of targeting the source, and not the symptom of patients’ conditions.  

When should I visit pain management doctors in Gainesville,  Florida?

Your physician may refer you to pain management in Gainesville if she or he determines that your pain has become out of control–when basic traditional treatments no longer work. A pain medicine doctor in Gainesville also may consult with other specialists to decide if you are a good candidate for a surgical procedure to correct an underlying condition, or if pain medication is a better option.

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What pain management treatments do you offer at the Advanced Pain Medical Center?

We offer many different advanced pain management treatments; after the initial assessment, we will advise you on the best treatment plan for your specific condition. Advanced Pain Medical Center specializes in precisely analyzing the needs of each patient and tailoring an appropriate treatment and medication program. Our many treatment options include, but are not limited to, medical marijuana, PRP Therapy, and Stem-Cell Therapy Eval.

What is a Pain Clinic or a Pain Management Center?

They are health care facilities that focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Some of them focus on procedures to deal with specific types of pain, like neck and back pain, others, like Advanced Pain Medical Center, take an approach that looks at the whole person.

What makes Advanced Pain Medical Center different than other pain clinics in Gainesville?

One can easily make patients “feel better” by simply medicating symptoms; however, that response is temporary, short-sighted, and—in most cases—does little to alleviate the real problem.

It’s much more challenging to do a painstaking analysis, then isolate and treat the reason you are hurting, but we treat that as a moral imperative. It’s the difference between what we do and a “pill mill.”

We are also the best pain management doctors in Gainesville, Florida, because we offer:

  • Individually-tailored options for every patient
  • Convenient procedures, sedation on request
  • Comprehensive care – treatment and clinic both on-site
  • Innovative therapies
  • Multi-modal, elegant approaches to pain care
  • We focus on prompt and attentive care in everything we do

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What Do Pain Specialists Treat?

Pain specialists can treat the full spectrum of pain disorders, but they most often treat chronic pain. Chronic pain is daily pain lasting at least three months that hasn’t been significantly reduced through other treatments.

At Advanced Pain Medical Center, pain specialists treat conditions that include (but are not limited to):

  • Back and neck pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Pain due to nerve injuries
  • Arthritis pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Old injury pain

Pain Management in Gainesville – Advanced Pain Medical Center to your rescue!

If you have any other questions, please contact us with your queries. The first step in pain management is scheduling an appointment with your doctor to determine the underlying source of your pain and finding out about all possible treatment options. There are many different pain management options available.

Schedule an appointment today and let us provide you with our customized care.