Where do Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cells come from?

Do you know where do PRP and Stem Cells come from?

As you may know, stem cell therapies, including stem cell therapy in Gainesville, have great healing potential and have become one of the most popular regenerative medicine treatments in recent years – and for good reasons. In this article we will explain where platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells come from.


1. Stem Cells

Stem cell treatments are unique in the way that they cause the body to jump into a reactive healing machine. Our practice uses a sterile, closed process to obtain the stem cells. Here are where the stem cells are taken from:

Bone Marrow

Your bone marrow can be a rich source of mesenchymal (adult) stem cells. Bone marrow aspiration is a quick and simple outpatient procedure to derive regenerative mesenchymal cells and growth factors to heal and restore injured tissues.

Allograft Tissues

Allograft tissues (amniotic tissue and umbilical cord blood) are collected from living, healthy donors. They are considered adult, not embryonic, cells. These tissues, according to studies, support soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize scar tissue formation.

Tissues include a number of structural proteins, growth factors, and cytokines, which promote cellular proliferation, new collagen formation, and inflammation reduction.

2. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Whenever your body is injured, its first natural response is to flood the area with growth factors that promote healing. These growth factors are released by platelets. They work to stimulate the healing process. PRP therapy optimizes the body’s healing process by placing a high concentration of platelets directly into the injured area. Additionally, PRP is a popular treatment option used to treat sport injuries. Check out the article about: “Athletes using PRP”.

To harvest PRP, a small sample of your blood is drawn into a specialized collecting system. This blood is centrifuged at high speeds to isolate the growth factors and platelets. Because your own blood is used, there is no risk of a transmissible infection and a low risk of allergic reaction.

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