Tips to Prevent Stomach Ache from Ruining Your Christmas

Eating to your heart’s content and indulging in drinks seem like a given during Christmas when there are loads of parties and celebrations to attend. But the drawbacks to these overindulgences can range from bloating, flatulence, heartburn, stomach upset, or stomach upset.

Digestive diseases affect some 60 to 70 million people, according to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease. While Christmas may be your excuse to give yourself a pass, if you’ve got an existing digestive problem, then you must be extra careful about what you eat and drink lest you end up spending the rest of the holidays nursing a stomach ache.


This festive season, our pain doctor in Gainesville shares some tips on how to prevent a stomach ache from ruining your Christmas:

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1. Try to pace yourself when eating big holiday meals. 

Eating large amounts of food can put stress on your digestive system, especially when you aren’t used to this diet on a daily basis. At the Christmas dining table with your family, muster some self-control and pace yourself when trying to taste everything in the Christmas feast. 

If you are also careful about choosing what to eat, you could avoid having IBS or acid reflux (heartburn). Even if the food choices are rich, there should be something healthy to eat at the Christmas table. 

2. Keep doing your exercises.

One of the causes of digestive distress is a lack of exercise, according to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research. Since it’s the holidays, you could be tempted to take a break from your fitness routine, but this could only contribute to a stomach ache.

After a big meal, try to leisurely walk around the neighborhood, instead of lying down on the couch to nap. This is also a good opportunity to look at the beautiful Christmas decorations of your neighbors, which should be a lovely way to spend Christmas nights with your family.

3. Substitute alcohol for drinks with a lot less fizz.

Drinking alcohol this Christmas may be a tradition. What good is a toast without a glass of champagne, right? But our pain doctor in Gainesville warns that if you have an existing digestive concern, alcohol can be a trigger.  Why not opt for a juice to toast and create a new tradition rather than running the risk of developing heartburn, flatulence or bloating? 

4. Take probiotics.

If the holiday feasts should cause an imbalance in your digestive system, you might temporarily have to rely on probiotics or live, good bacteria to calm your tummy and reduce the potential triggers.

Probiotics can come in the form of supplements or you can have this by eating fermented foods, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

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